Monday, May 12, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

aka, the day I consider the first of my sabbatical. To celebrate it, I
  • responded to an e-mail from a student I finally gave an E because, after e-mails begging for the final portfolio, I never got one. But now, of course, the student didn't realize how much the final portfolio was worth.
  • published the zine from my creative writing class.
  • submitted the very last of my late grades. Kids, I ain't a-waitin' any more.
  • began a new poem, the genesis of which is that trailer for the super scary scary movie.
  • talked to singing son and his lovely wife.
  • updated all movie reviews.
  • chatted online with my brother.
  • texted college daughter.
  • made a date for tea with one friend and lunch with another.
  • cried intermittently (residue from long conversation last night with running son in Malaysia).
  • talked to the historian midday.
  • went out and touched some merchandise at a couple of stores, but bought nothing.
  • came back and worked on my poem some more.
  • learned a new word: eidolon, which simultaneously means "ideal," "ghost," and "idol."
  • took Bruiser out to run and sniff around.
  • went to hear Regina Carter, whose sextet put on a sublime concert (I might overuse that word, but I am not exaggerating in this case).
  • while listening to Regina Carter's final piece, a gorgeous meditative arrangement of "I'll Be Seeing You," got an idea for a new poem (titled, at least tentatively, "Eidolon").
Perfect day, in other words. I don't want to be greedy, but I'd be glad for every day henceforth to be this good.


  1. I keep putting off the rest of my life, thinking, maybe I'll start it tomorrow. But you're right. No time like the present.
    Speaking which, we need to movie!!

  2. Please tell me you're not going to be "soft" and pass that student. Presumably you tell them how much the final portfolio is worth on the syllabus. I'm willing to bet you also said it in class. Hold the line hightouch!

  3. lots of confluences in that day--nice to hear. perhaps the rest of your life will include lunch.



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