Friday, May 23, 2008

The evidence.

Singing son and his business partner have been helping me execute my garden plan. I, too, did some work planting herbs and flowers in all the pots, big and little, I've installed in the flower beds. See for yourself:

New flowers and herbs in the pots.

New topiary form, not quite installed yet;
clematis; all the new plantings; new mulch!

Same thing, different angle.

The lavender, rosemary, lavender,
rosemary, etc., border.


  1. lovely. I so wish I had a yard in which to grow things. some day. . .

  2. uh. whoa. thats new!!! looks awesome though!!! you should've done hat a LONG time ago!!! yay for you mama!

  3. I may have to drive out there to see this paradise. It looks beautiful from here...

  4. Here in the gardens we approve--and we predict it will be more lovely every day and somehow bring you joy each morning.

  5. Sooooo beautiful! Love it love it love it.



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