Sunday, May 18, 2008

The meadow: a progress report.

Today, of note is the fact that some volunteer blue flax, aka cornflowers, are blooming in the upper quadrant of the front lawn ("meadow"). Also, a new and tiny little true geranium.

These facts, along with some modest little front gardens I spotted when I was at Eggs in the City recently, have inspired the historian and me to make plans for an actual landscape in the front yard. A meadow-scape, if you will.

The plan may be a little ambitious, but we may be taking it in stages. The first stage involved a curving path made of paving stones, which will demarcate the shady part, which already has thyme galore, as well as little start-up true geraniums and columbine. I plan, therefore, to go with what is already happening, planting more of these plants and also some mint, because all of that stuff loves shade.

Along with the curving path and the enhancement of the shady plant action already happening in that part of the yard, I plan to make 24-inch wide beds around the front of the yard, next to the sidewalk, as well as the driveway. When I say "I plan," I mean "I will pay singing son to do this." In this space I am going to plant an informal hedge of rosemary and lavender (also considering adding some thyme plants with a more hedge-y tendency, as well as possible lemon balm). Fragrant, lovely shaped plants, making a more definitive statement about how this -scape is a plan and not accidental.

This leaves three more portions of the lawn remaining (I'm dividing it four ways). They are sunnier spaces. One we plan to leave as lawn. Another we plan to plant in roses. The last, I plan to plant in a riot of tall, gangly, colorful plants, such as cosmos, coreopsis, bachelor's buttons, and more cornflowers.

This might be too much for the space we have. We'll see. In the meantime, phase one will be an improvement and a joy. I am all stoked about this!

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  1. I always think of that Rory Block song, "she had a wild front yard!" that is you....sounds beautiful!



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