Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend update.

I would like to have the heart to propose a list of awards for the Jazz-Lakers series, in which the Jazz fell, a fall that feels premature, precipitous, disheartening, sorry. For instance, the award for the smuggest coach would go, obviously, to Phil Jackson. The award for the most inexplicable highly paid player series meltdown would go to . . . well, I don't have the heart, frankly. Watching Williams keep his game face on after yet another absurd "foul" was called on him, while Kobe B. shot another excruciatingly elegant free throw? that was awful. Reading the sports page, which I did after telling the historian to keep it away from me? also awful. Contemplating what tinkering the Jazz management might do with the roster--hate to even think about it.

It's not as bad as the years when the Malone/Stockton Jazz went to the Finals. We couldn't talk about basketball for weeks after those losses. But it's still hard. I woke up thinking about it, that's how hard.

Okay--most insufferable player, possibly of all time? Fill in the blank.


  1. I blame myself for arriving in Utah. My luck seems a bit sour lately, although my solipsism as strong as ever....

  2. my youngest got a tear in his eye when I told him of the loss the next morning.

  3. a terrible, terrible thing. i've been keeping myself aloof, i confess, from the jazz because i recall all too well the emotional trainwreck i was in 97/98. i've got too much to handle already these days, and couldn't add my investment in the jazz to the list.

    but i still think that rick foxx out-insuffers kobe b. ANY DAY.



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