Friday, May 30, 2008

Hightouchmegastore: The Quarterly Review.

My day's activities, rated on a five point scale.

Sex and the City
, viewed in the afternoon with Dr. Write: ****1/2
My new haircut: *****
Lunch at Big City Soup: *****
Getting the stuff on my "To Do" list done (bills, library books, buying snacks for the road, list-making itself): *****
Returning library books on time, no fines: *****
Loading stuff onto iTunes: **** (one cd caused my cd-rom player to make a terrifying grinding noise)
Syncing my iPod (music collection now measurably more awesome): *****
Bruiser out for some exercise: *****
My packing plan (to be executed in the morning): *****
My outfit (polka dot sweater, yeah!): *****
Cute but also comfortable shoes: *****1/2

Comprehensive review of today: *****!

[Scale: * = abysmal
** = abysmal, and one
*** = level-ish
**** = darn good
***** = stellar]


  1. can I see this new haircut??

  2. All I can think about right now is finding a polka dot sweater.

  3. Ha! Stellar! And you're using stars! Oh, this is rich!

  4. sex and the city truly was awesome!! quite pleased with it!!

  5. You are living the summer dream High Touch--lunch and movies and exercise. And now that it's been vetted by someone I trust, I can see the movie.

  6. I forgot yo talk to you about sex and the cityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!



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