Saturday, May 03, 2008


is how long it will apparently take me to finish my grading, but that's because there were rubrics to construct, and electronic files to organize, and the state of the universe to consider. Also, keeping track of the playoffs and going to a concert and a movie. And a little shopping. There has been some reading to do, as I am midway through one book and midway through another book. Also, the concert was very, very good, but it made me a little bit tired to stand for as long as we stood at The Depot waiting between the opening act and the Swell Season,

even though the concert got more and more sublime as it went along. By they time they played a cover of "Into the Mystic," it was okay that we had been standing for several hours, but when it was all over and we walked back to our car and sat gladly down, and then got home and realized that our whole bodies were exhausted, it was still okay that we'd stood through a several hour concert plus in-between-the-acts time, but that didn't mean our hips didn't hurt, not to mention our feet. Did I mention the fender bender that happened when a young woman who didn't look pulled right into our car? It happened before the concert when we were trying to find a parking place, and it is just one more reason why I will be grading until doomsday, or Sunday, whichever comes first.


  1. You are much tougher than I am. I was wanted to sit down an hour into the night, but my lust energized me.

  2. How are your feet? Fully recovered from all the standing and shopping?



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