Monday, December 01, 2008

Today's updates.

1.  Talk radio makes me crazy.  It doesn't matter if it's NPR talk radio or, say, Rush Limbaugh. As soon as the people of America start calling in, with their contexts and their analogies, I want to hit the radio.  

2.  My complete--some might say too complete--New England swing photos are here and here.

3.  Today is December 1.  That means I need to mail stuff, to Scotland and to Malaysia.  I hereby pledge that I am NOT going to wait until I need to pay the premium dollars to get stuff there on time.  In fact, I bought some presents today and I have a little mental list, if a vague one, of the stuff I still need to get, wrap, and send.  Watch me fly.

4.  Today, I found out that this photo, which I took with a funky little Lomo camera,

was picked by a group administrator in Flickr for the group "Other Ping Pong Ways."  At last, I have achieved fame.


  1. I love the awesome clouds.
    I can't stand the rambling talk radio caller who just keeps leading up to whatever brilliant insight they have...but never get to.
    But I did love Juan Williams and I still love him whenever I get to hear his voice.
    And I love Doug's voice, of course, but I could do without the callers.

  2. OK. I can't believe NPR turns you off. Hm. Maybe I just listen out of habit or a dislike of other radio stations, but I do like Terry Gross (who doesn't let random people call).

    I'm glad you're back even in December!

  3. Okay, a clarification: I mean by "talk radio" the call in shows. I DO love NPR and I love that kind of talk. And I even like talk radio up until the point at which callers enter the fray. After that, it's hit the radio time.

  4. oh, I am so with you on talk radio! The worst (and maybe you don't have this in SLC) is World Have Your Say, on NPR. OK, it's not americans calling in to voice their provincial wacky opinions but it's almost worse because the cell phones of the World Having their say are almost always staticky and the host is often gathering opinions like a bartender takes orders in a crowded noisy bar. i.e., there's yelling to be heard. ugh.



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