Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We baked, we cooked, we plotzed.

I have cooked and/or baked the following over the last week or so:
  • butterscotch crescent rolls,
  • almond cardamom bread,
  • cookies galore,
  • almond, pumpkin seed, and cashew brittle,
  • caramels,
  • spicy cashews with wasabi peas,
  • a chocolate souffle cake,
  • coconut cupcakes,
  • roasted potatoes,
  • maple roasted yams,
  • roast rosemary pork,
  • cauliflower au gratin, twice,
  • salads galore,
  • steamed broccoli,
  • baguette,
  • white bean soup with leftover roast pork,
  • roasted pumpkin soup, thai-spiced,
  • corn muffins,
  • more roasted potatoes.
Also, I have cut up
  • four pineapples.
Tonight, we had leftovers and may I say,  I could barely heat them up in the microwave properly.  My own soup was a teeny bit on the lukewarm side. I think it's possible I have cooked myself into a corner that I can't even punch my way out of.  (Am I a fighter now? an aging prize fighter/cook that has been cornered by the food itself, and is this an appropriate metaphor? I am so tired I can't even tell. You be the judge.)


  1. what?? no blog happy birthday notice to your favorite daughter?? how sad...
    but luckily i know it was an accident so i forgive you.

  2. I got tired just reading your blog...I think I'm going to live on sandwiches for the next week.

  3. Wow.

    So. Much. Kitchen.

    One thing for sure, though. Prize fighter/cook? Maybe. Aging. NEVER!

  4. Leftovers...mmmm
    PS We are home. I'll call you tomorrow.

  5. Okay. My list cannot even compare. I'm in awe. I call you master.



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