Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is your house too big? A very short quiz.

1. When you venture down the stairs into your basement, how long has it been since your previous visit?
(a) one week
(b) two weeks
(c) three weeks
(d) last Christmas?

2. Once you are down there, what do you find?
(a) the furniture has been rearranged.
(b) there's a retrotastic blue sectional sofa, perfect for Utah Jazz watching parties, should you ever get your act together and invite people over.
(c) your satellite dish, your television, and your other video implements are still in a tiff and therefore not speaking to one another.
(d) a small family of werewolves has moved in, and they've chosen bedrooms.

3. When you go into the room formerly known as college daughter's room when she was in 9th grade, what do you find?
(a) your friendly old Macintosh desktop, just waiting faithfully to be used.
(b) a petrified banana peel from the era of when the room (FKACDR) turned into the art room, thus people began making their film projects there (see (a) above).
(c) all sorts of paper and other project-oriented shenanigans piled everywhere.
(c) a Christmas bag from when soccer coach son slept there, filled with Christmas candy (gold foil coins, Kruggerands and pennies; foil covered chocolate balls), a lip balm (Burt's Bees), and a Santa Claus PEZ dispenser, complete with PEZ (raspberry flavored).

If you chose any of the answers to these questions, your house is almost certainly too big. Also, you almost certainly have too much stuff, and it's a fairly sure bet that you're a slob. And you may have raised a family with slobby tendencies. Some slobby tendencies. Finally, it's also possible that you may not follow through on projects and problems very well.

What is to be done? you ask. Why are you asking me? I live in a too-big house with too much stuff, and I am a slob with no follow-through.


  1. us? slobbish?? never!!!
    haha...okay i guess SLIGHTLY...

  2. Now, though, you have soccer coach son's gift already! One bag of candy coming up!
    You're not a slob--you're just a recycling plant unto yourself.

  3. Some of these problems can happen even if your house is too small. Speaking from experience.



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