Saturday, December 06, 2008

Improve your life, immediately.

1.  Make this and eat it.  It might sound odd, but you'll have to trust me:  it is marvelous. (via Mighty Girl).  Do it today!
2.  See this.  Do not delay.  

In other news, here is the best correction I have ever read in any magazine.  This is Jason Killingsworth, Deputy Editor of Paste, on the Inbox pages of Issue 49:
I was just reading over proof pages--as I do every deadline--making sure that no embarrassing typos slip into print, and I came across this doozy of an error from Kelly Marages' review of The Killers' new album (p. 50).  In her reflections on "When You Were Young," easily one of my favorite songs of the last several years, Marages claims that "the heavy guitars and Springsteen style rang false." I immediately fact-checked this statement with Alan Greenspan, the Dalai Lama, Stephen Hawking, and Chuck Norris.  They all confirmed my belief that (a) the so-called "heavy guitars" are crunchy and epic and extremely awesome, and (b) the "Springsteen style ringing false" comment is ludicrous because there was a highly respected voodoo witch doctor in the studio helping Brandon Flowers channel Bruce's incendiary verve. I'll go ahead and mark the change here on the proof page, but I wanted you to be aware so you can make a special grouping in the editorial masthead called "Contributing Writers Who Are Mistaken," under which Marages' name will appear all by itself.
I'll tell you what this makes me want to do, and that is to go ahead and obtain the new Killers recording, that's what.


  1. 1) Man, that was some good blogamole today.

    2) Before you go and get that new Killers CD, let me quote you the review I read yesterday:

    "I don't want to say The Killers are going in the wrong direction, but their third album made their second album sound like a cross between "Born in the USA" and "Nevermind" ... and I'm currently using the second album's CD as a coaster for ginger ale."

    Seriously. Stay far, far away from the Killers.

  2. I will probably follow Opt's advice, but I too have been tempted by the Killers. Perhaps you could pick up The Walkmen's third album instead (highly recommended) to fill that rockin' need?

  3. that is an amazing correction. I love it. . I downloaded that new Killers album and it's alright--not as fantastic as the hype is suggesting, but alright. "when you were young" is not on that album, though.

  4. I, however, love both "Born in the USA" and "Nevermind" and thus might like it.
    Also, I've never heard the Killers, so I have no opinion.
    I will have to try that guacamole, even though it sounds odd....

  5. Keep forgetting to mention that I made the pomegranate pear guac for my family last Sunday--my penance for not attending church. It was delicious! Also, learned that this guac plus a clean kitchen are a turn on for my wife, a very important lesson.



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