Monday, December 08, 2008

I was of three minds.

It was evening all afternoon.
It was snowing
And it was going to snow.  

1.  Today, I loved the way the morning light took its time.  I got up, I made my breakfast, I checked the internet in a desultory way, I articulated my plans to myself in long, slow, lazy, sentence fragments.  I noticed around ten that the light was still silvery.  I looked out to see it snowing.

2.  Bruiser did not rush into his let's take a walk dance.  He drowsed on the bed.  When it started to snow, I considered all the possibilities.  Snow means cold.  On the other hand, the snow was falling almost straight down, unhurried, airy.  Cold but not driving. Wet but not sodden.  Slippery, but only a little.  So we took our walk.  The world smells different when it's snowy.  Ask my dog.

3.  A snowy day is for projects, like soup, or making a little space in your study so you can actually work there, or hanging up all your clothes.  Working on your manuscript. Contemplating the weather.  Thinking about the dark part of the year and how it is so very lovely.


  1. i think that was one of my favorite posts of yours. you really captured the essence of the day. as i was driving to work, that was how i was wishing my day was going to be.

  2. I love that poem. I love the construction "it was x-ing and it was going to x." I'd like to use it. A lot.
    Also "for the nothing that is not there and the nothing that is." The poem was an occasion for one of my grad school triumphs, also I wrote a poem about Barbie based on it. Overall, great!
    I am sooooooo jealous of your life. I very much wished yesterday that I could spend the whole day in my pjs, drinking coffee, maybe making soup.
    Hope to see you soon.

  3. I work the same way: when it's cold or wet outside, my mind immediately rushes to all the projects I've wanted to try.



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