Tuesday, December 09, 2008

And now I will foist video upon you.

And now I will foist video upon you. from lisab on Vimeo.

New toy, new media content.  I will try to show restraint.


  1. the what? I'm excited. We've got a webcam on our laptop. We'll need to talk about what programmes to use. We put the ceramic birds on our tree. "Finchy" and "motherbirdyfella" according to Miriam.

  2. Yeah!! Yes, more foisting. Also, I love that the first one is about Target. I so need to visit that temple. So much.
    Plus, when I don't get to see you, I can still "see" you, which is the what!!

  3. Very restrained. I could listen to you wax poetical about Target for at least another video's worth. Maybe more.

  4. awesome!!! do i have an awesome xmas/bday present in my future...i agree w/ singing son it is time for video chat w/ distant family..HINT HINT!! jk...LOVE IT and love you!



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