Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All right, already.

Reprising my day:

This, this was my breakfast.

This is Bruiser, digging on the snow.

These are the horses in the back field.

And, oh yeah, we got a Christmas tree:

O Tannenbaum, by God. from lisab on Vimeo.


  1. Chickens! Nice. I don't think we have a theme on our tree, but if we do it's probably snow men, though I would prefer if it were snowflakes or stars.
    Beautiful tree!

  2. wonderful! I forgot to mention a singer I listen to during Christmas time.

    Bebo Norman. Look him up if you don't know him, though I assume you do.

  3. Those first two are roosters, or cocks if you like, but certainly not chickens. That's emasculating and wrong: Gendered nomenclature ruleth in the chicken world, even if is a christmasy chicken world. Please!!

  4. Is chicken not the generic term? I am talking about the entire category of fowl. Don't make me say "poultry."

  5. hallelujah!!
    okay...you are only 3 days late! i'm so proud!
    and yes. the nagging can stop...
    but i need to ask this: is the tree in the right spot? did we really have it there last year...? i can't remember...



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