Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who's listening to what?

Today I began listening to Christmas music, the commencement of which I think we can all agree is a bit tardy.  My favorite Christmas music, only some of which I have already listened to thus far:
  • The Roches, We Three Kings.
  • Benjamin Britten, Ceremony of Carols.
  • The Beach Boys, "Little Saint Nick" (come on, I went to high school in SoCal.  In the 70s.).
  • Shawn Colvin, Holiday Songs and Lullabyes.
  • a few no-name cds I bought that I really enjoy--New England Christmastide and some other ones (clearly I haven't yet busted these out).
  • some awesome choir cds--singing son's choir, the Salt Lake Men's Chorus cd my friend Jonathan gave me, a beautiful cd with the historian's daughter's partner's choir of old.
  • Stevie Wonder's Christmas cd.
  • George Winston, December (for the depressive that lives in all of us, a little, at Christmas, right?).
What are y'all listening to?  I really, really, really want to know--really.

Christmas tree watch:  no tree yet.  


  1. I would trust you to make me a Christmas mixed tape.

  2. It's a very Sufjan Christmas for me, but then, I think we've already discussed our respective opinions on his Christmas collection.

  3. i can officially start nagging.
    okay. and i'm listening to Comcast TV holiday music station so a lot of boring stuff...and some stevie wonder. :D

  4. I love that Roches song, but I don't own it.
    I just bought Bing Crosby, because I needed it. My fave is Christmas with the Rat Pack, but I also have Barbra, and Aimee Mann (which is a bit depressive, but MB likes it, and it has her version of the Grinch song, which is cool), and Diana Krall. I also have one James Taylor song that I got for free. That's it.
    But I also listen to the Pandora Christmas station, which is pretty good, I like the Folk Christmas.

  5. Well you already know some of what I am listening too--but add to that Frank, Nat, Bing, Ella and I dig the Diana Krall too. I have a bunch of comps that I love, but been playing a bluegrass one a lot this year. Over on the classical side there is Christmas at Kings and you gotta have the Bach. And of course I love the Winston too--which gets played at Thanksgiving dinner as the official opening of the holiday music season.

  6. Isaac showed me Shawn Colvin's CD and I really love it. Neil Finn, Eisley, Barenaked ladies did an album with Sarah Mclachlan, I love The Roaches.

    Most of these (not roach) Pandora told me about. Also, the principal gave all the faculty the Lone Peak acapella choir Christmas CD. It's in my car CD player.

  7. The Roche's Christmas album is one of my all time favorites. (And you know that given who my husband is, a more than compulsive collector, I've seen and heard a LOT of Christmas albums.)

  8. Singing son's cd. Yes, your singing son. It's the only Christmas music we listen to in the gardens. And in Jr's car.

  9. Go listen to "Children, Go Where I Send Thee" by Natalie Merchant. RIGHT! NOW! Ignore ABick about the tree and listen to the song instead. RIGHT! NOW!



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