Thursday, December 04, 2008

One thing I wish I had right now.

I wish I had The Sundance Channel, so I could watch that Elvis Costello show.  Also, I wish I had managed to watch this Elvis Mitchell interview series on TMC, which I have, so I wish I had had my priorities straight, or had sorted myself out--or something!--so I might have watched it.  

Also, I would like to have a new book successfully placed with an awesome press.  Or that my putative new book would win a book competition.  Or that I could stop whining about it and everything else, because frankly, I'm getting annoyed with my own self.

        The two Elvi.


  1. You're not a whiner. What you're doing is hard. You're allowed to let off steam whenever.

    Meanwhile I'm sitting here wearing purply sparkly things, feeling happy.

  2. I too wish I could see the Elvis Costello show. I heart him.

  3. The poetry book publishers of the world hold much too much power for the poetry world (which, is not much power in the regular world but a lot to we poets). I know. I'll start a press and publish your book and you start a press and publish my book and not only we be publishing fine books, we'd be distributing poetry power more evenly.



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