Friday, December 12, 2008

A tiny dollop of joy.

My oldest and very dear friend sent me this link yesterday, from Jeanette Winterson, about making mince pies whilst listening to audiobooks:
If you want Poetic Pies, drop in a sensitive amount of mincemeat, then get a star-shaped cutter. Think pie in the sky - a little vision, like Dante gazing at Beatrice, (though I do not mean to compare Beatrice to a mince pie). If you want Post-Modern Pies, then dollop in quite a lot of mince-meat, perhaps audaciously slopping it over the edge of the case, and just cut out two provocative strips of pastry and cross them over the top – self-consciously artificial, but revealing all, like Michel Houllebeq. If you want a Bestseller Pie, then fill generously, but make a thick lid and seal the edges with fingertips of brandy. Dust with icing sugar.
I am not necessarily a fan of mince pies, but I am a fan of Jeanette Winterson, and her website is a treasure.  Roam around.


  1. I love Jeannette Winterson--wrote my undergraduate thesis on Sexing the Cherry. I will go look around her website--thanks for the invite.
    (p.s. I don't think I've ever had mincemeat pie--either the "real" (was there ever one) or the raisin kind).

  2. I love JW also, also don't love mince pies, but I should look around her website...



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