Friday, December 19, 2008


Today, I went to the headquarters of Short Stuff, aka, an elementary school.  Singing Son asked me to accompany his Honor Choir at the holiday assembly.  

The whole event was the kind of thing that could cheer a person up immensely, even on a morning when a massive winter storm was a-brewin'.  Here are some of the reasons:
  • The kids, of all ages, are pretty cute when they sing, even the ones that think singing isn't cool.
  • A mix of holiday and world and popular music.
  • One of the best set of actions to go with "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that I have ever seen.
  • The principal wore both a Santa hat and a red Hawaiian shirt.
  • Way fun to see Singing Son in action:

Greeting song from lisab on Vimeo.

[the first part is a Senegalese greeting song, from children to their elders; the second is a song from India.]


  1. webcam...what a wonderful idea! I enjoy watching them.

  2. Thanks for sharing that! I agree that it's fun to see him in action so I'm glad you posted that video. Love, Lesley

  3. that is so cool!!
    i'm super proud of that boy.



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