Sunday, November 30, 2008

There will be singing.

Today was just about a perfect day, let me tell you.  It went a little bit like this:
  1. Awesome breakfast.  Omelet with Chad's dad's eggs, onions and mushrooms, with some ricotta cheese folded into the eggs, parmesan on top, and a little bit of a sliced tomato, also courtesy of Chad.  Cornmeal muffins.  Juice.  All eaten while reading the papers.
  2. Long chat with the Scotlands, extra delightful.
  3. Long walk with the historian and Bruiser.  A side of playing on the school playground (don't tell anyone, it's against school rules).
  4. Shower.  Reading Irish detective novel.  Nap.
  5. Modest dinner.
  6. Sang oratorio like it was my job.
I have always wanted to do a Messiah sing-in, but never got organized to do it.  But my niece sorted things out and got my mom, my aunt, myself, and herself tickets, so tonight we went downtown, settled ourselves into our excellent seats at Abravanel hall, and did a combination of listening to the soloists, and singing with the chorus/audience, that was pretty much the funnest thing ever.  Let me just say that there were pieces I remembered and did pretty well at executing, especially if no one was listening too closely; there were parts I remembered but could not pull off anymore (hello, long running passages!); there were songs I don't quite believe I have ever actually sung.  Or maybe even heard, come to think of it.  

But I did my best! I had fun doing it! I think there should be a lot more singing, possibly year-round but at least during the holidays.  I have a longterm goal that I'm moving up the priority list, to find a choir to sing with.  It would  be fun if it were with someone I know, like singing son, but that may not be possible.  Singing, however, is always possible.  Make more time for singing!


  1. Singing with the choir/orchestra sounds like the most fun ever (2nd only is the playing on the playground--at least I have a three year old to give me an alibi).
    I am impressed with your commitment to fun.

  2. I love reading your blog because I feel like I get to live twice. Thanks for leading that other rich, interesting life for me!

    What Irish detective novel? I must know.

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. I sing in the ward choir, does that count?



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