Monday, November 24, 2008


Today I heard about the death of a friend's son in a plane accident.  It's the devastating thing--this boy, full of life, just 25, gone just like that.  Even just hearing about it, it's the kind of thing that shakes you.  I sometimes have to talk myself down from the cliff of my fears for my kids, and now their kids--I think most parents do, at least sometimes.  It's a thought you barely allow to enter your mind, and then you have to glance off it.  It's unbearable.  I am thinking of his mother and that's another thought I have to glance off--it, too, is unbearable.

My folks asked me to send them some pictures of my kids for a project they're doing, so tonight I've been sifting through a million images of my beloveds (please, please be safe).


  1. I know! It's horrifying. It gives one pause. And the fact he was her only son. Hits a little too close to home. Too painful. I can't imagine her pain. And what can we do?

  2. So sad. Don't worry, we are all well.

  3. I find myself on that cliff every time I get on a plane to travel for work (which is too often)--like I may never see them again. It is an absolutely terrifying feeling. So I now find myself being one of those people that try to avoid stories like this as if that will somehow keep my boys safer. Time to get home and get some hugs!



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