Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hallowe'en stats.

Grandchildren in costume visited: five, plus three on All Saints Day. (For a view of the Scotlandians, see here.)
Amount of candy eaten by dog: can't deliver an accurate figure--those wrappers might have just been in the garbage.
Weather: excellent.
Own costume: raven tee shirt, scary earrings.
Amount of candy left over: ooooh, a lot, and a very good class of candy it is.
Good times: had by all.

Hello, it's National Blog Posting Month! A post a day keeps you healthy, wealthy, and wise, and me happy. C'mon! Post! As for my part, I shall publish and I shall comment.


  1. Kids are so dang cute at Halloween! Sounds like a fun weekend.

  2. So cute. I was worried. It was getting late an no Nov 1 post? Happy to see the children may have persuaded toward the good that is Halloween.

  3. We especially enjoyed your homemade cupcakes! BTW who is the cute baby in the dragon costume?

  4. oh my gosh!!!!
    when did carter get so dang tall?? very very cute kids we have in our family!



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