Saturday, November 15, 2008

Maine: observations.

1. Maine has more mottos and slogans than it needs ("Dirigo," or I direct; "Vacationland"; "Worth a Visit, Worth a Lifetime"; "The Way Life Should Be"). I saw the latter three of these on signs within the first few minutes of being in the state. Dave Barry suggests "Cold, but Damp." It rained all day, sometimes harder than other times. On the other hand,
2. It's still quite breathtaking beautiful, the parts I've seen. We were at Cape Neddick today at sunset, when the sky decided, miraculously, to clear just to put on a show, over the crashing waves and an insanely picturesque lighthouse. Ridiculous. I have pictures.
3. The Atlantic? Vast.
4. Plenty of fish, not enough blueberries. Of course, it's November.
5. Dunkin' Donuts: what is it with the donuts here? This observation is mainly about Massachusetts, actually. Many, many donuts and many many donut shops. Never a bad thing in a region, in my opinion.
6. Down East, everything is close together, so you can drive through Massachusetts ("The Spirit of America"), New Hampshire ("Live Free or Die"), and arrive in Ogunquit, ME in just a little over an hour. Picturesque, convenient, and more donuts than any one human might ever need. Is New England great or what.


  1. Lots of doughnuts on the east coast. Also lots of chiropractors. Every little town you drive through has a chiropractor.

  2. But did you have coffee? What's with the coffee?
    Did you say "wicked cool"? Did you eat lobstah? Or chowdah?
    So jealous. I can't wait to see your pictures.

  3. Lobster in November. I think it's another name of a book of poems. I can just imagine the lighthouses and storms. I think I love Maine almost as much as Oregon. I'm so glad you're having fun.

  4. New England is great! I got there and never wanted to leave.

  5. absolutely! i adore new england and i'm okay w/ the lack of blueberries...they have never been my #1 choice...
    and dr. write: massachusetts is seriously wicked cool! (i've honestly adopted the phrase...) :D



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