Monday, November 10, 2008

Good dog.

I am reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, which I am finding absorbing, original, enchanting, and other things that I can't exactly articulate. My daughter recommended it to me (Oprah recommended it to her).You know, I'm sure, that the book tells the story of a family who raise and train a special breed of dog.

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I got up, hauling the tome with me. As soon as I got settled, Bruiser pushed the door open and climbed up on the chair next to me, where he stayed while I read for more than an hour in the lamplight. This morning, when, predictably, I was exhausted, and therefore lay back down for a little while, he lay back down right along with me. What a paragon of a dog. What a splendid companion. How he accompanies me in all my moods and ventures.

On the other hand, he did eat a quarter of a leftover pumpkin pie this afternoon while I was out. How delicious he must have found it. His taste! so impeccable!


  1. I finished that book yesterday!! A book for dog lovers!
    When you're done, we should talk about it. I've definitely been thinking about how cute Gus is lately, and I think it was influenced by that book.
    Also, Bruiser in only a dog, how could he resist that pie? No one, dog or human, could resist that pie.
    He does have impeccable taste!

  2. I'm listening to it on CD during my weekend roundtrips (long distance relationships: bad on the gas budget, good for audio literature!)...but I'm finding it tough going. Not because it's not wonderful, but because sometimes I just can't cope with the story. I want things to go well! I want to make it all better!

    I think I need to take a break and listen to a funny book...



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