Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just a few things this day reminded me I'm thankful for:
  • my Mom and Dad.  We got to sit around after almost everyone was gone and talk about the cross-country trips we used to take, driving from Tucson to Georgia--what a treat!  
  • my sister and her family.  I always love a family party when I get to hang out with them--my nieces and my sister and her husband.  Peerless folks, all.
  • my own kids, who today were with other parts of their families and, in some cases, in other parts of the world.  They make my life sweet and they are each of them a great joy to me.
  • music.  My aunt Sal, niece Diane, and I played three hands at the piano, and then Sally and I played this Mozart four hands at the piano sonata we've been saying we'll learn--it was so much fun.
  • a house to live in.
  • food to eat.
  • a hive of family relationships that buoy me up and make me feel whole.
  • my beautiful, cherished husband.
  • wonderful friends, old and new.
. . . and much, much else that it's too late to post.  11:59!  


  1. This post made me miss my family so much. Thanks for writing so beautifully and being the first thing I read every morning.

  2. Sweet. Thanks for your writing. And for just being you.

  3. Lovely. I especially liked hearing about you and your parents remembering old trips together. I have such tender feelings about my own parents these days.



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