Saturday, November 08, 2008

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Part 178.5: Pie-making lessons.

1. A tart is not a pie.
2. Ergo, a pie is not a tart.
3. Ergo (part 2), tart dough and pie dough are not the same thing and should not be thought of as interchangeable.
4. Sometimes your tart dough, which you may be foolishly attempting to use for pie dough, will be contrary. It may want to raise issues, question your authority, try to show you who's boss.
5. You must not let this happen, even if it means stamping your feet and scaring the dog, a little bit.
6. Piecing and pressing together can solve many pie or tart dough issues.
7. Keep everything cold. Keep yourself cool.
8. Sometimes your blender will not be all it should be, such as when you are trying to puree the pumpkin you have roasted. Swearing at the blender may or may not create the necessary motivation, otherwise known as "blending power," to do the job.
9. Try not to get rubber spatula chunks in the puree whilst pushing the pumpkin into the blades.
10. In the end, regardless of the vicissitudes of pastry, blenders, time and the wicked souls of men, the pie will almost certainly still taste pretty good.
11. Usually, even dang good.


  1. I've been making a grape jelly tart lately--stole that recipe from Martha Stewart herself. And actually I've been using pie not tart crust. And actually it's tasted pretty good. I will share with you next we meet.

  2. As Jack's wise grandfather said, "I only like two kinds of pie, hot and cold."

    That old saying about pie--easy as pie--I don't think it means that making pie is always easy. Eating pie is always easy. I think the real saying about pie should be, "pie is forgiving". When the crust is in need of piecing and the filling seems almost painfully difficult, and the result is less than pretty, pie is forgiving. It will still be tasty, appreciated, and, in my world, the formula is always pie=love.

  3. It was so amazingly delicious. And pie is definitely not easy, but regardless of how it looks, it always tastes delicious, which is good.



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