Thursday, November 13, 2008

East Coast style.

I am in Reading, Massachusetts even as I blog, visiting my daughter, aka college daughter. Highlights of my travel day:
  • finishing The Story of Edgar Sawtelle on the plane, with tears to show for it;
  • finishing the Times crossword puzzle in stages during the day;
  • listening to The Fleet Foxes, the whole thing, on headphones;
  • having not one single hitch in all the arrangements, from check-in to renting a car;
  • arriving at my daughter's place of residence/place of employment and seeing her again!
We have big plans. They include Concord, Salem, a movie, Maine, good dinners, talking and laughing, Nantucket maybe, Provincetown maybe, ancillary talking and laughing. Because it is NaBloPoMo, also a requisite amount of blogging. Check back for updates.


  1. Didn't skip a beat! You're my NaBoPloMo hero.

  2. and what wonderful fun it will be! :D

  3. Yeah! Blogging. I miss you and have much to say to you about whatnot and wherefore, but I will save it. Have fun on the right side of the country and drink some Dunkin Donuts coffee, which apparently is required.But also, maybe have some seafood and/or clam chowdah. I miss the clam chowdah.

  4. Take Abbey to eat lobster. It's her favorite.

  5. Hitch-free! What could be better!



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