Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There will be crafts.

Okay, so it's Day 2 for the summer cold (part 2). I finished the last in the series of the French detective novels (woe!) and started another novel, set in Laos, featuring a Lao coroner who happens also to have a Hmong shaman living inside him. I am on my second dose of DayQuil for the day and I might be sleeping/hallucinating a little bit. Which may explain why I am entertaining another* alternative occupation for myself, which is: seamstress.

Hear me out:

There's this skirt I bought last year at Target and it is the best skirt ever, made out of superthin cotton jersey with a raw-edged hem. It's cut on the bias in lots of panels that are just stitched together and have an elastic waist. This skirt? I could remake it a million times and it would always be light, swirly, a little bit swishy, and flattering. I just need to find a way to buy the right fabric for it. I am on the hunt for that.

Also, I have this thought that I could make over lots of things from my wardrobe, like adding some lace to the collars of things or adding raw-edged silk organza to the wrists of things. There's a shirt I love that is for some unknown reason a ridiculous length. Etc. etc. When I say lace, I'm talking some kind of cross between Courtney Love, Miss Havisham, and Gunne Sax.

Also, I think this guy's tee shirt (the one on the right) is kind of cool, but the fact that he basically made it himself using a sharpie on a Hanes tee-shirt is even cooler (via

And Laura and Kate Mulleavy, from the label Rodarte, take fabric and dye it and paint it and color it. Why wouldn't that be fun? The answer is, it would be fun.

On the other hand, maybe I should just sleep it off. But what will I do, in that case, with the sewing machine I recently bought, and also those two packets of Rit, or that shoe box I've filled with sequins and beads?

*Here are some other alternative occupations I've considered.


  1. You have more ambition than a CEO. Isn't school starting? Are you on sabbatical? Is that what makes you so well-rounded and focused and full of good ideas? Why is it academia actually leeches the ambition and idea right out of me? I want to sew (or want to want to learn how to sew).

  2. first, i have tremendous empathy for you suffering again with that dirty bugger we call the summer cold.

    second, i think the skirt sounds perfect, absolutely nothing could be wrong with superthin, raw-edged, elastic waist, and light, swirly, swishy and flattering. i am nearly having skirt envy. okay, i'm totally having skirt envy. if you do start sewing, i'd like one, or at the very least, i'd like to watch you make one, especially if you'd let me finger the raw edges and perhaps swish or swirl it a bit.

  3. hope you're feeling better . . .



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