Monday, August 18, 2008

Playing kiss covers beautiful & stoned.

There were many, many encores tonight at the Wilco concert, but this was one of the best:

("Heavy Metal Drummer," from I Am Trying to Break Your Heart).

One of my favorite concerts ever, in what must surely be one of the loveliest outdoor venues ever. Thanks to Dr. Write and Middlebrow for showing us the ropes.


  1. Did you know Dooce was there? Did you see her?

  2. a) Man, I love Wilco. I bet it was a rockin' concert. And now I'll be singing "Heavy Metal Drummer" all day.

    b) If you have a copy of I Am Trying to Break Your Heart and have been holding out on me, then it's not going to be pretty.

  3. Ah so you and the crew were there eh?

    It was a pretty tight set all the way around. I do like the new set up at Red Butte. It gives a sense of permanence to something that always felt like it was going to be taken away at any moment. I also like that you can sit on the hill now and get a fantastic view of the stage. I'll have to do that some time. Back in the old days, you didn't see the stage so well, but the sound was always great.

    I was over by the sound board for most of the night.

  4. wow! just back from a glorious vacation and I check in and find out you saw Wilco at RB?! Didn't think anyone could compete with my last few days. Jealous.

    Side note: just got some Loose Fur--stripped down Wilco. More soon at my place.



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