Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On my mind.

  1. What should I pack when we go to Ireland?
  2. Will the Fleet Foxes be as good on disk as they were in concert?
  3. Can I finally buckle down and get to work?
  4. Is Genji, in The Tale of Genji, as big a perv as he seems to me? Or am I missing something?
  5. Time to clean my closet out again.
  6. Are my boots the best thing ever or what.
  7. Is the meadow in fact mostly just weeds?
  8. Could I make a website that would actually make money?
  9. mortality.
  10. I miss everyone!
  11. How much time I waste.
  12. I need to revise my manuscript.
  13. The wind in the trees in the backyard sounds heavenly.


  1. Those boots are awesome, I have the same dilemma about Ireland, x4!

  2. when do you leave for the Island of green? (have no clue if that even works...)???
    and the boots (agreeing w/ mia) are fantastic!

  3. you're going to ire? when? why? how? do you want tips? i have lots of tips.

  4. If you figure out the website thing, I want in!

  5. the boots are delicious. (i'm trying to use some word that hasn't already been used to describe their amazingness and besides i want a plate of them for my feet.) where, oh where did you find them and do they come in the large-calved woman's size?



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