Saturday, August 30, 2008

Slow and steady.

Just a note to say that I rode my bike to the library today to pick up a book that was on hold (Death of a Joyce Scholar, by Bartholomew Gill, because Ian Rankin recommended that, when you're traveling to a foreign city, you should read a crime novel set there, because it will give you the information you need, and we're going to Dublin! in two and a half weeks!), and either I am doing just fine for a woman of my advancing years, or my bike is awesome, or both, because it was a short trip, no incidents, even though it was hot: I made it there and back, cheerful and only a little sweaty, and now that's one more place in West Jordan that I need not fire up the Camry of Honor to which to drive, since I can just ride my bike, whee!


  1. Happy birthday! Hope you were able to accessorize your bike to the library jaunt with your new boots. I have the coolest of presents for you when I see you soon.

  2. What do you think of Ian Rankin? I do my best to find books set in Scotland, so that the audio books have that wonderful accent. Ian Rankin fits the bill, and is fun besides.

  3. Bike rides are a good thing to do on a birthday. Hope your day was fabulous.

  4. Happy B-Day. Did you get our message?

  5. Happy birthday! (a bit tardy but no less sincere)

    Bikes are sincerely the best as are your boots.

    Love the new masthead. Sincerely.

  6. Happy belated birthday, Lisa! I think we need to do a little shopping and eating (sheating, remember?) before you take off on your next adventure. Perhaps this weekend?



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