Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some questions.

Is this photo too graphic for blogger? Why is Bruiser's belly pink? Is the pink belly Photoshopped? Why is there a television show called Wife Swap? Can Bruiser really use a remote? What is his favorite show? Is Bruiser looking forward to watching Wife Swap? And while we're on the subject of summer colds, why are there so many summer colds at the megastore? Is it a basin of contagion over there? What about all those walks she's taking? Shouldn't that ward off so much viral activity? Or is she just born under a bad sign?


  1. just a little graphic. But nothing I haven't seen before.

  2. Dude. I thought he was wearing a pink negligee.

  3. Bruiser likes rogue. What's wrong with that? Also, he prefers Nanny 911 and Me or the Dog.
    And you can't make him watch Survivor. You just can't.
    Colds? I've got one up on you. Teaching!

  4. Even though I lived with a boy dog for ten years, who was completely devoted to only me, not only did I never see his belly, I never touched his belly or even attempted to brush his belly fur. He drew that line in sand early on.

    So I say, thanks for filling in that mental picture for me. He's a beauty.



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