Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wish list.

Would've been great to see this set.
If I were a traveling salesman in 1910, I would wear these.
My inner male dresses like this, except when he dresses like this.
It would be kind of fun to drift in a desultory way through this.
And I would sure like to see this.
Looking forward to reading this.
Thinking about staying in a cottage here with college daughter.
If I had organizational and minimalist powers, I could make my kitchen feel like this, even though there are charms to being just the way I am (wishful thinking).
I know it's silly to dream like this, but I kind of wish every day could feel like this:

(thanks for this idea, SAKS)


  1. I like this post. It was like a treasure hunt.

    And about the cottage...of course the ONE time I go to Boston is the ONE time a year that her family is remodeling it. Blast.

  2. I want that kitchen. And the holiday in Maine. And the concert. And those boots. You have fine taste my friend. Thanks for the treasure-hunt like post!

  3. A lovely list.

    In Canada, cottage is a verb.

  4. I just wish I had time to put together such a great list! Thanks for the trip around the nets (and your mind)!

  5. i can't wait for our cottage trip!!! :D this wish list was awesome...i might steal the idea okay?...love you!



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