Thursday, October 02, 2008

How I made it through the Vice-Presidential debate.

I turned the sound way, way down.
I texted and twittered about when I felt something was unbearable.
I read the Arts section of the Sunday New York Times, kind of.
I closed my eyes.
I checked my blog and e-mail obsessively.
I played a little Free Cell.
I checked Slate's and New York Times's debate blogs.
I considered the household tasks I am going to undertake tomorrow.
I relished the fact that, for the first time today, my eyes weren't watering in some tedious and enraging expression of allergies.
I contemplated muting.
But I didn't mute.
I acknowledged to myself that I have absolutely no objectivity about Palin, because I so can't stand her that I couldn't really tell how well she was or wasn't doing.
I told Bruiser what a good, good boy he was.
I drank lots of water.
I switched from PBS to the major networks to see if their post-debate commentators were better.

And now? Ugly Betty. This will alleviate the post-traumatic stress disorder, I feel sure.


  1. Well, I coped by e-mailing YOU. And also I watched the U v. OSU game with the sound turned down while listening to the debate on the radio. Football is really therapeutic for hostile people like me.

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  3. she winked..........twice..............come on.

  4. You just need to find a fun place to hang out during the debates. Snark cures so much.



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