Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No, but I would like to talk about my grandchildren.

That's the answer to the question, "Is your writing going well?" by the way.

But I digress! I am doing a swell job of
  • reading.
  • dog-walking.
  • cooking with the vegetables God gave us.
  • really enjoying the weather.
  • giving a bottle to a tiny baby.
  • getting smiles and kisses from the one-year-old grandson.
  • did I mention reading?
  • tracking every stupid bit of commentary about the election.
  • obsessing about comments on Scotland daughter's blog about the election.
  • thinking about the writing.
I had a dream that had fruit flies in it a couple of days ago. While, for the most part, fruit flies are almost always a negative, as in, Omg why are there so freaking many fruit flies? hanging around the peaches? Sweet Lord please save me from the fruit flies! In the dream, though--and I can't remember much of it--they were, I think, kind of beautiful. Kind of like these insects, catching the light over the Snake:

Maybe the flies in my dream were not so many or quite so busy, and definitely not as creepy (although I find this video also beautiful, but that's just me). But mind in motion, catching the light--not such bad metaphors for writing, actually.


  1. Same for me. Let's hear it for reading and cooking and vegetables! And obsessive election tracking!! And other TV in general.

  2. We lived through one of those insect incidents a few years back during a river rafting trip down the Green. At dusk, we noticed a few mayflies--an apparently harmless-to-humans creature that has beautiful, fragile,gossamer wings and antenna that appear to be on the wrong end of the insect. Before dark, we were inundated by the mayfly hatch. I don't think millions is an exaggeration. When we peered out of our tents at dawn, everything was covered with downed mayflies. They must only live for one night but man-oh-man did the fish celebrate...



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