Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This just in.

It's mouse and bird hunting season for our aged cat. She killed and ate one bird yesterday while I was taking Bruiser for a walk. It's so very nice to come home to find an entirely deconstructed creature, all scattered feathers but minus its interior. Y'know, it's all surface--a postmodern kill.

Tonight, I heard her make a low yowling sound, which always indicates murderous intent. Mouse-icidal impulses. Indeed, she had a mouse in her mouth, which she dropped when the historian picked her up. This meant, with only minimal scampering, the mouse found a hiding place, which called for us to use the two-man mouse-trapping method. This involves a blanket and two people, one to shoo and the other to catch. Bonus: I moved a medium-sized pile of crap (bags, a purse or two, etc.) and found the mouse, which the historian (who has excellent hands) caught and released. Thanks, kitty!


  1. Our cats bring in lots of nice treats for us to enjoy- mostly snakes and poison oak to plague Matt year round. Isn't that sweet?

  2. I hope that cat has brought at least as much enjoyment as creatures into your home.

  3. Impressive. We always tried to use a box when one of the cats brought in a mouse. You guys are advanced mousers.

  4. oh geez...how i miss that crazy cat...but no mouse catching experience is more insane than the 2 or 3 am experience involved in my room..now it is hilarious--then not so much...



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