Monday, October 27, 2008

Stuff you can believe in.

A possible overstatement, but here we go:

The Selby is in your place. The photographer Todd Selby takes pictures of the living and work spaces of artists, writers, designers, and other assorted hipsters, current and past (he did a spread on Tom Wolfe, for instance.) and publishes them on this site.

Each feature has a small watercolor, as well,
of the artist, etc. at hand.

If The Selby were to come to my house, the feature would have piles of clothes, piles of mail, half-
organized books, many many shoes, and all of it
adorned with dog hair. In fact, I think I will do
this feature myself. What an inspiring and scintillating feature that will be!

I have this site on my iGoogle news and aggregator page. It is always interesting and often inspiring. (thanks to my oldest friend for turning me on to this site!)

The What Did You Buy Today? blog. OMG this woman, Kate Bingaman-Kurt, is a person after my own sick little heart. She's a graphic designer--now a professor, living in Portland--who draws a picture daily of what she bought that day, things like bus tickets and CDs and hole protectors for your paper and pot pies at Whole Foods and bike gloves and sale makeup. Her art focuses on consumption, the obsessive kind. (One way she got famous was by drawing detailed reproductions of her credit card bills, which she was able to sell as art. Genius.) Find out more about all her projects here.

This series of photos, by Callie Shell. The photographer took shots of Obama and the events surrounding his campaign for the past two years. They're beautiful and moving. Make sure you click through all of them! Here's one of my favorites:

And lastly:

I know plenty of you have already seen this, but I thought it was worth reviewing. (If Hulu is not viewable in your country--hello, Scotland!--you may be able to view it here.)


  1. Those photos were awesome.

  2. I really liked the Obama pictures! Really really.



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