Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cold storage.

This year at the October farmer's market, it is genius! Somehow things have held until now, so there are still peaches, plums, tomatoes, basil, melons, beans, along with winter squashes, potatoes, greens, pumpkins. Today, we got apples from a guy who literally picked them last night--Macintoshes, and so unbelievably good. He also had late crop peaches, O Henrys, that he let ripen on the tree, picked within hours of our buying them. Unbelievable! Given yesterday's and today's weather, it seems a little unseemly to be eating fresh tomatoes and green beans, let alone peaches, but there you are: eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow there may only be gruel, but today there are peaches and tomatoes.

Here are some things we saw at the market today:

Squashes & pumpkins

At Sun River

At Chad's

At David's

At Tremonton Girl's

Tremonton Girl and husband


  1. I love those Tremonton people. I should have gone and gotten peppers, in preparation for some chile verde. Well, maybe next week.
    Somehow I just couldn't get motivated to go...

  2. See, I stopped going to the market because I was sad that peach season was over. That was what I bought every time (only 3 times, mind you) I went. I guess peaches are still there for the taking!

    Well, buying.



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