Saturday, October 04, 2008

In the rain.

Happy surprise: the farmer's market today, early in October, was full of wonderful food, with plenty of stuff I would have thought would be gone by now, including loads of tomatoes, still, peaches, some plums, melons . . . we came home laden when I thought we'd be stocking up for the winter with sober potatoes and pumpkins. Not that there would be anything wrong with that--but peaches! in October!

The market was thinner today, what with the rain, which was all right by us--fewer people to elbow out of the way (kidding!). We picked up our share from the farmers, then made our regular beat. We got tomatoes, squash, filet beans, an adorable French dessert melon (Charentais), and lettuce from the Tremonton farmers, bread from the Crumb Bros., a gorgeous red Buttercup squash from crazy David at the T where the main drag hits Coffee/Great Harvest/Ethiopian Ladies Street. Peaches from these new (to us) Santaquin people. Asian pears, which is a highlight of the season for us, from these people who appear mysteriously late in the fall for only two or three weeks, with the best Asian pears you ever tasted priced ridiculously low. I feel so fortunate not to have missed them! And then cherries--a bucket of frozen pitted ones and a good-sized bag of dried ones, from the guy who believes sour cherries can cure what ails you.

I think today might be the first day I really felt like myself again after the trip. Here are the reasons it is good to be home: baby Will, Deacon, my son and daughter and their spouses, Carter, Alex, David, Jenna, Rachel, and Eden, the historian's kids, Bruiser, the chance to sink into a creative rhythm, unlimited internet access, my friends and family, and definitely, definitely the farmer's market. Two more weeks!


  1. are the Asian pears the red ones? I bought a red pear last time I was there and it was delicious, but I had never had one before. What was I eating?

    Anyway, welcome back. Glad you're sunk into a rhythm again.

  2. everything you write is a poem

  3. I miss those Asian pears so much. But I did get cranberries at my O-town market, which I thought was pretty fantastic.

  4. Baby Will is always a good reason to be home.



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