Thursday, April 10, 2008

What is art? Talk amongst yourselves.

My oldest friend MS sent me this link and I feel it would edify anyone who cared to view it. Please. Get edified, all right? You need it. You really do.

[Poem that feels a little less finished than even the not-finished poems I've been posting.]


  1. I think art is velvet paintings of dogs playing poker. And talking clay dogs.
    I like your poem. At first I thought the title was Ambient white. Kind of like Soylent Green? Or not.
    Like white noise. Not whine. But I like whine too. I like the word ambient.
    Was that rambling enough?

  2. I am enjoying the poem-a-day 2 immensely. Finished or not, I catch your you in every one. I love that you write.

  3. Miriam and Evie enjoyed the Creature Comforts. I'd only ever heard the British accented ones, American accents also funny. Love the print making dog.

  4. thats awesome! love it!



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