Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The day.

It was warm enough that I left the back door half-open all day so Bruiser could go in and out, and the door to the back porch, aka the laundry room, all the way open so the cat could go in and out. I read student work, organized my reading of it, recycled papers and magazines, did massive amounts of laundry, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Did the dishes.

It was about as wonderful as an ordinary day could be. Not one single exciting thing happened, but I felt so happy--it's possible that I might be reading my students' work with a slightly rosy spin. Is that wrong?



  1. Whatever you are on, I need some--I seem to have many portfolios without any thoughtful revision from midterm, which sometimes ticks me off and sometimes leads to despair.

    But I am glad you had a good day; certainly you deserve it.

  2. The reason you had such a good day is that you could leave the door half-open. Unlike today . . .

  3. happy ordinary WONDERFUL days rock!!! :D i'm so excited that with all the craziness of finals and grading you can have one of these! :D

  4. It is good to find those days. And good to be near the end of another school session. And good for your students too.

    ps I love the new photo of you.



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