Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Earth Day Challenge: Day 1.

Wellllllll, I am taking baby steps, I confess, but I have started this challenge by putting my reusable grocery bags in the car, along with a fold-up-able one in my purse. It's rather shameful that I have had these bags for years--yes, YEARS--and I still manage to come home from every shopping excursion with plastic or paper bags. (In my own defense, I do always take them to the farmer's market in the summer time.)

No more. That's if I can remember to take them into the store. But having them in the car is half the battle, no?

As a side note, after writing a poem in which I imagined making tea this summer, then drinking the tea on the steps in my backyard, while still in my nightie, I decided I needed a new nightie. So I looked today--looked and looked, but the nightie of my vision was not to be found. That meant I had no chance to whip out my fold-up-able reusable shopping bag and carry the nightie home, Earth Day style. Another day.

1 comment:

  1. Where's the poem? I need the poem! And a nightie, I guess. I need a nightie too. My poem is composting, in honor of the Earth Day challenge.



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