Sunday, April 06, 2008

What book should I read next?

Given that I still have the following to do:

1. write a draft of the mission statement for the English Dept. Steering Committee, formerly the Five-Year Plan Committee.
2. write a draft of a new and improved mission for the College Curriculum Committee for discussion next week.
3. Finish the 2010 Assessment report.
4. Finish comments for a host of students who finished their preliminary portfolios late late late!
5. Catch up in my online class

(note: anyone who notices that these items are the same ones I have mentioned previously should just keep that thought to him/herself. I already know.)

I think, nonetheless, that it would be good to start a new book. Any suggestions? (note: the book cannot be To the Lighthouse, because I am still not in a Virginia Woolf "mood," a state which has held for decades. Also not reading Moby Dick. Not right now.)

[Today's poem is here.]


  1. Sweet poem. All the words feel muted.
    I'm reading Lawrence Weschler's "Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonders" if that helps you find a book.

  2. I loved Blink, which I finished recently. Also loved The 13th tale, which is a little gothic and fun.

  3. I vote for anything by Nick Hornby.

  4. i vote for abbey's blog. thats mine. haha :D or sisterhood of the traveling pants series! DO IT... :D easy and enjoyable!

  5. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.

  6. Benjamin Black's "Christine Falls" or "The Silver Swan." AKA known as John Banville. 1950s Ireland. Noire "detective." Hero is Quirke (a pathologist).

    I've enjoyed both of them. From Audible, both nicely ready by Timothy Dalton.

  7. I absolutely LOVE Woolf! She speaks to me, especially in A Room of One's Own.



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