Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bad ideas: a partial list.

I thought I would do some work today, but guess what? I didn't feel like it, because the night before, with our visitors (brother, sister-in-law, nephew), we stayed up watching the Jazz finally put away the Rockets, then talking until 1 about everything under the sun. Then we all got up a little before six to see them off. Back to bed, up at ten (!) and then, lo! there was an all-day-long headache to keep me company while I read the paper, drank tea, ate cereal, talked to the Scotlands, the daughter in Boston, and make-up artist daughter.

So today my productivity has consisted of thinking about the unsatisfactory state of the NBA playoffs, with the exception of the Jazz being up 3-1, taking a little nap, buying some laundry detergent, eating some leftover salad. Taking Bruiser to the dog park, where, since it's spring and lighter longer, there were too many dogs. I talked to all of my kids except the missionary and the soccer coach, and we received visitors (running son's friends). I pressed leftover cake upon them, since we had a bunch.

I think it's the almost-finished quality of things right now--tomorrow, all my students' work will be posted, and the grading starts. I have one (1) more meeting in the academic year. What I would most like to be doing is cleaning my house, as prosaic as that may seem, but I didn't because (a) headache, and (b) there was all that work to be done, which (c) I did none of. And now, I am complaining. Hello, end of the semester, my old friend-like-a-recurring-condition. Get the hell away from me and don't come back for sixteen months.


  1. I have been unproductive too. But I have no such excuses. I did some laundry. So. much. grading. Yet to be done. My plan is to divide it into piles and then to study the piles while doing something else. Four piles, four days. That's my plan. For now. Expect revisions. I would come over for cake, but that doesn't fit in with this whole lower carbon footprint thing. Can you send it by carrier pigeon or owl?

  2. I have done nothing but grade. For days. Watching the playoffs? Yes, but grading while watching. Going to conferences? Sure, and grading while I sit through panels. I'm with you: Get thee behind me. end-of-semester.



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