Monday, April 28, 2008


I have no appointments with students, meetings to attend, engagements of any kind. My students have been e-mailing me the URLs of their e-portfolios, and tomorrow, I intend to spend the day reading and responding to those portfolios, calculating grades, and drinking tea. I might take a walk.

In other words, the semester is winding down.

In other words, it's almost May, which in college land is summer, aka bliss.

Here's last Friday's poem. I'm a bit behind. But I will catch up, you just watch.


Dr. Write said...

I like "you will have to live with the light."
And there's no behind like I'm behind. But still.
Lovely poem.
But will I see you tomorrow at The Lunch? And also The Dinner? I asked to sit with you....

Nik said...

At least you're keeping up! I've almost drowned in crazy but I think I'll emerge soon.
I love how the poem is always clarifying the son, the father, the son. It's a gorgeous repetition that fits so nicely with the idea of translation.

Renaissance Girl said...

killer last line.

i'm in need of summer break.

DiaNe said...

That poem is beautiful and haunting. I love it. I'm getting into the habit of writing down phrases from poetry (and life) that I like. This poem made the cut.


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