Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Seen at ShopKo.

A cd entitled "The Songs of Celine Dion, Instrumental Version."

(Tomorrow: The "Write a lot real fast, revise later if at all" manifesto. Actually, that might be the manifesto--we'll just have to see.)

Uh, today's poem.


Nik said...

I love mouthy wind!

Amelia said...

Who buys this stuff? Shopko shoppers, incidentally what were YOU doing in the KO?

Dr. Write said...

Lovely, as usual.
And also, if I see Celine Dion, may I stab her?
Just asking.

ABick said...

did you buy it as a random present for me cuz you know i'd get a laugh out of it?? or is it so funny its embarrassing to actually buy?? haha funny...
and dr. write: no. no you can not. :-P :D


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