Thursday, April 17, 2008

Earth Day Challenge: Day 2.

Continuing my baby steps: today I
  • brought my lunch to school
  • did not stop to purchase anything on the way to school
  • am not going to take a break between meetings to go purchase things
  • will not purchase things on the way home from school
I have tried to make adaptations in my life of late that are more earth-responsible--eating locally grown and produced foods, taking my lunch, hanging most laundry to dry, rather than using the dryer, saving up dishes for a full-load of dishwashing, saving up laundry for fuller loads, etc. My main earth-unfriendliness, I think, is driving, which I haven't figured out a way around. During my sabbatical, I intend to do more walking--the library is not too far from my house, nor is a grocery store, the bank, and the post office. In fact, I could do a lot of walking if I plan for it.

Associated with driving, though not directly caused by it or stemming from it, is the huge amount of consumer activity I do. So one thing I know I could do to improve my relationship with the earth is to shop less--to buy less stuff, which consumes less of the world's resources to begin with, let alone contributing less to general wastefulness. My not stopping to shop today is a conscious nod to that, even though there is a lawn chair on sale at Target that is calling my very own name.

Also, I did not drop-kick my laptop today, when it was clearly provoking me by being laggardly and slow. Because computer waste is toxic, very unfriendly to the earth.

n.b.(9:30 p.m.): poem.

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  1. Nice work on the not-buying. Mostly today I ate packaged food and drove around. Very sad. But I took only one (short) shower.
    And lovely, sad poem.
    I am waiting for spring so I can write a welcome spring! poem. I'm still waiting.



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