Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Minister plans pilot badger cull.

I've set up my iGoogle page with BBC headlines (also: the New York Times, NPR, and The Onion), and sometimes, when a headline like the above comes up, I find it completely worthwhile.

A Badger.
(also, a meditation upon the word "badger.")


  1. I must say that I admire you immensely for writing a poem a day--and such interesting, lovely poems. If I tried to write a poem a day they would probably all be about cheese or sunsets or unicorns and they would all rhyme or make people cry (and not in a good way). You rock.

  2. ditto on the poem project. hugely impressive. there aren't enough poems in the world that use "badger."

  3. Ditto on the not enough badger poems. Nice!
    I have emerged from beneath the DFL only to find papers from every class and the taxes!! Someone has to do the taxes. Why me?
    But I'll try to get into the swing of it.
    But you're a hard act to follow. Or even be next to!



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