Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day Challenge: Day 6.

My Scotland daughter lives in a place where people recycle. She does not hesitate to point out to me that she's a much better recycler than I am, because she recycles glass.

She is, of course, technically correct, but in my own defensive defense, glass recycling is the kind of recycling that is hardest for us, because our curbside recycling doesn't take glass, and because there is no place close to us that takes glass. So it means figuring out a place that we occasionally frequent for other reasons, getting our act together to collect our glass recyclables, and remembering to take it when we go near the glass recycling place. But: I have located this information. The recycling location is near the houses of three of our children, and it takes glass.

What is it, can anyone tell me, about some places only recycling brown glass, others doing only clear glass, and still others doing clear, brown, and green glass?

Anyway, if you too want to recycle glass, you can find a lot of info here. And if you'd like to read a pantoum about the last quarter of tonight's basketball game, you can find it here.


  1. glass makes me feel guilty. i'd rather give up eating things that come in glass than have to dispose of it--rightly or wrongly--afterward.

    that game was something. this team may inspire me to come out of my cave of endless torment and enjoy the postseason. already too much emotional rollercoaster in my life right now, though.

  2. love that phrase "prays a shot"!

  3. you are on amazing self improvment kick. Poems every day! Saving the planet one small step at a time! I say continue efforts beyond earth week, very inspiring. Also, good fodder for the blog.

  4. I love the pantoum. I've been vowing to work on the Okur pantoum that I said I was going to write two years ago...but I don't want to rush into anything. :)
    Maybe this weekend. So much to do.
    Good job with all the eco-stuff too. I feel like eating chocolate and watching TV. That can be green right?



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