Saturday, April 26, 2008

Calling all cake.

Tonight we went down to my folks' for a big hullabaloo--my brother and his wife and son were in town for my niece's graduation from the BYU. In English, poor girl. I was responsible for organizing the salads and desserts. Salad: lime cumin vinaigrette, greens with red grapefruit and avocados, blah blah blah delicious.

But the dessert was cake. Cake! Today I made a tres leches cake. There was some discussion about exactly how many leches were actually involved--since there was butter and actual milk in the cake proper, not to mention the evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and cream soaking into the cake, and then whipped cream on top. (Singing son says: "Tres leches. No mas!") Also? Nine eggs. Nine of the most beautiful, fresh, yellow-yolked eggs you ever saw. So the cake was extra golden looking and really rich with eggy goodness.

Who thought of this idea, the three-milk soaked goodness of extra-eggy cake? But it's so good! The recipe, which I found on the Google, had the cake in a 9 x 12 pan rather than in layers. Layers would complicate matters, but this was rather easy. It turned out great--everyone loved it, I think, and I know I loved it. Rather divine.

However, I also made a Tejas sheet cake, and there are plenty of both cakes left. (why have one kind of cake when you can have two?) So this is me saying to anyone in the greater Wasatch Front area: if you want a piece of delicious cake, come on over. To quote Robert Frost,

Here is your cake and your cake place.
Eat and be whole again beyond confusion.


  1. There was cake?! Crap.

  2. Cake! And spring! And cake in spring! Things do not get better than that.

  3. Not for the first time I have read this blog and wished food could be sent virtually to me by t'internet to my very own home.

  4. I'm with Amelia . . .

  5. the first cake sounds DELICIOUS!!!!! i'm kinda jealous about not having a piece! but sounds like a fun always!!

  6. Thanks for the recipe Lisa. I love a good cake. Love the blog.



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