Sunday, June 28, 2015

Up the canyon.

Not that I'm complaining, but it's hot. Well, I am complaining, but only incidentally. My point is really that in the heat, it's a really good idea to leave the oven of the valley, and ascend to the tops of the mountains, or at least the canyons among them.

The historian's son was the originator of this perfectly timed and wonderful idea. We drove down to their house, then we all drove together up American Fork Canyon, to put our feet in the creek and find kindling and build a little fire and make s'mores.

It was beautiful. It was so much cooler. We had such a good time.

ace stick wranglers.

Eden & Elise.

so freaking chilly! it was the best!

the Jedi master of kindling finding.

just wearing shades and eating a marshmallow.
that's all.

Jenna & Rachel, down at the water.

finishing the fire.

how much fun did we have? so much fun.

cool water.

big mountain sky.


  1. The mountains plus water plus fire equals the best reason to live in the west. I'm glad you found the cool!

  2. There's magic in them there mountains!



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