Friday, June 05, 2015

Spark of Joy, part deux (a story in two captions).

today, I woke up and said to myself, today is the day.
and although I was still prone, as in, not yet fully arisen
to the day, I said it emphatically. to myself. so I got up,
ate breakfast, skittered around the internets, and then I 
said to myself, NOW. so I began removing books from 
my shelves. and also watching episodes of veronica
mars, season 1, because book organizing/culling is lonely
work, and I needed company.

so I took all the poetry books off first. this necessitated 
going onto my ancillary poetry shelves, and merging the
two sets. I kept most of the poetry, I admit it. poetry is 
maybe my main collection. I decided I would make a 
separate poetics shelf, and also a separate anthology shelf.

in order to put poetry books back on the shelves, lightly
culled and in immaculate order, I had also to take down
some fiction and nonfiction. so while order was restored,
sort of, amongst poetry and its people, the fiction and non-
fiction are sleeping rough tonight. (see below.)

well. this is certainly a mess. I have tidied it a bit, so that
I can make my way to my chair. TOMORROW is my motto
with regards to all of this. however, it will require
fortitude. Some of the books that have not been taken
down from the shelves yet are in a kind of tight
corner, and it will require dexterity and possibly
excellent balance, as well as some kind of bare surface
on which to pile things, prior to sorting & culling &
reorganizing. I'm going to need some good rest tonight.
this will take brainpower and physical endurance and
the power of positive thinking, which is difficult when
you are sort of trapped in a corner by your mad stash of
literary criticism and old textbooks and dictionaries
of the tarot and books about Los Angeles and lord knows
what else!

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